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Eco Friendly Swimwear

Eco Friendly Swimwear

The days are getting longer and we had a glimpse of summer days ahead last week. This can mean only one thing.... swimwear season is just around the corner. If you’re avoiding fast fashion then fear not, there is a bevy of ethical, eco-friendly swimwear brands out there just waiting to be discovered.



All of Batoko’s swimwear is made from 100% recycled materials including plastic bottles, fishing nets and even old carpets. All the printing is done digitally without the use of harmful chemicals and their fabrics are all vegan. Based on the north west coast in Lancashire, Batoko also support the Marine Conservation Society, donating a proportion of their profits each year to help protect our oceans.

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Davy J

Devon-based Davy J launched in March 2017 with a collection of hardwearing women’s swimwear created from recycled fishing nets. Discarded fishing nets make up 10% of all marine litter and just one ton of waste nets provide enough nylon to make 10,000 swimsuits.

The collection was designed with an active lifestyle in mind. The suits are double-lined and have hidden rubber edging which makes them durable enough for diving or jumping off cliffs. The company is aiming for 60% closed loop recycling by 2020 so when your suit is past its best, you can send it back to them for a 20% discount off a new one.


Ruby Moon

"Discover your place in our ethical path." Ruby Moon is a Brighton-based not-for-profit swimwear company that not only uses ethical and sustainable fabrics, but also supports women around the world. Designed to last longer and withstand an active lifestyle, Ruby Moon works with Healthyseas.org in reclaiming discarded plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean to create their swimwear. whilst turning waste materials into beautiful garments, we have a carbon footprint that’s 42% less than similar products. 

On top of this, 100% of their net profit goes to providing micro-loans to women all over the globe so that they can launch income-generating businesses to support their families and get them out of poverty.

Not just swimwear, Ruby Moon offer a versatile Gym-to-Swim collection.

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Let's not forget the gentlemen. Previously working as Head of Global Design for Speedo, Riz Smith knows what he’s talking about when it comes to swimwear. When setting up his own brand, he wanted to create a place where tailoring and sustainability could go hand in hand. His swim shorts are made with recycled polyester and feature bright, eye-catching designs using earth-friendly inks that highlight endangered natural species. To encourage closed-loop recycling, Riz offers 25% off your next pair of shorts when you return your old ones. They also work closely with the Marine Conservation Society, organising beach cleans and donating money from sales.

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