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What a Difference A Day Makes

What a Difference A Day Makes

Here at &Keep, we believe that in ‘24 little hours’ we can all make a big impact. And, as Saturday 26th October 2019 is officially ‘Make A Difference Day’, we thought we’d share six simple ideas to help you throw your arms around the world and give it a much-needed hug.

In fact, they’re so easy we reckon you can tick most of them off in one day (go on, why not give it a try?!). We’d love to see and hear your ‘Make A Difference’ stories, so do share your photos with us on Instagram @andkeepshopping.


1. Say Hello to your local greengrocer

Step away from the supermarket beauty parade of kink-free cucumbers and perfectly proportioned peppers and visit your local fruit and veg shop. The squashes might be, well, a little squashed in places, the carrots a tad uglier than their straight and boring cousins but we all know beauty’s on the inside right? And you’ll soon discover the greens are richer, the grapes are juicier and the taste is downright delicious. Plus, you can hunt for heart-shaped potatoes and carrots with noses (and that’s a lot of fun we promise).

What’s more, you can help to reduce your plastic food packaging by popping your produce into some of our organic cotton drawstring bags. They’re ideal for carrying your spuds and broccoli and, because they’re made with natural fibres, your veg can actually breath in the fridge instead of slowly suffocating in plastic. You could also invest in a sustainable shopping bag without compromising sartorial style with our gorgeous cotton string Turtle Bags in lots of lovely colours.

Reusable Cotton produce bags


2. Put your hand up 

Remember at school when you wanted to be picked for a task and you’d put your hand in the air as straight and high as you can? You can still do that as a grown up today and make a difference to the kids of tomorrow. There are hundreds of eco organisations throughout the UK who are looking for volunteers and would love to see a show of hands. A simple online search will suggest loads of ways to get involved. For example, the Marine Conservation Society website allows you to put in your postcode to find beach clean-up activities near you.


3. Switch the stick

Already banned in Scotland, cotton buds make up a shocking 30% of beach litter. It’s a simple sustainable swap to switch to these little beauties made from pure bamboo. 10% of profits go to providing clean drinking water for people in the Southern Hemisphere and the product is 100% biodegradable. So you can perfect your make up or clean those ears (not recommended we know!), knowing you’ve made a difference in lots of ways.

Hydrophil Bamboo cotton buds &Keep make a difference blog


4. Check in at noon 

Why not get the whole family involved in making a simple dwelling for all the marvellous minibeasts and beautiful bugs that potter around the garden? Offering an important sanctuary, especially for pollinators, bug hotels are considered to be the urban solution to beneficial insects. The population of these super little beasts is rapidly dwindling due to habitat loss, pollution and abuse of pesticides, so dust off your gardening gloves and become a nature maker.  


5. Big up the bamboo (it’s not just for pandas)

Frightening fact: every single plastic toothbrush ever made still exists (it’s enough to put you off your breakfast). Be your very own tooth fairy by investing in a bamboo model. Our bamboo and champions are featured by Psychologies Magazine this month in the top five best eco-friendly toothbrushes.

Plastic toothbrushes Make a difference day blog &Keep 

6. Get green fingers

At &Keep we’re all about what we’re leaving behind: creating a better Tomorrow, Today. Let’s leave a lovely legacy for our future generations, not an ugly one. For less than £10 you can buy an eco tree to plant from places such as The Woodland Trust.

In years to come it could bear fruit for homemade jam, provide shade for wildlife on a summers’ day or create a climbing adventure for a young child. And that’ll all be down to you. What a difference you’ll have made.


Be a change maker. Be kind to the future.
Choose a different path. Enjoy the beautiful view.