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Beautifully crafted brushes made from naturally renewable resources. Redecker have been paving the way since 1935. Explore their range to discover sustainable household and cleaning brushes for every application.


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Redecker excels at making hard wearing, functional brushes that are carefully designed to perform specific tasks. Whether that’s cleaning the dishes, scrubbing boots, or cleaning under your nails, Redecker brushes simply can't be beat. Although this German brand has been specialising in brushes since 1935, they have recently come into the limelight due to the number of people looking for plastic free alternatives to dish cloths, scouring pads and household brushes. Made from natural materials like unbleached beechwood, plant based Tampico fibre, and Union fibre, Redecker is a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of plastic handles and nylon bristles. They are simply stylish too. All Redecker brushes are FSC certified and you’ll find a wide range of different dish washing brushes and pot brushes, as well as those specifically designed for cleaning vegetables, mussels and hiking boots. But it’s not just brushes that Redecker produce these days, you can explore the collection to discover items like beard combs, olivewood utensils and soap dishes as well as bottle openers, soap nuts and even reusable, biodegradable dish cloths made from cellulose. If you’re looking for a natural, sustainable solution for cleaning and scrubbing in the home, then perhaps it’s time you discovered Redecker.