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Bottle for Life Reusable Trigger Spray Cleaning Bottle


Bottle for Life Reusable Trigger Spray Cleaning Bottle

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A plastic-free cleaning revolution - a reusable bottle for life

This 100% recyclable and reusable Bottle for Life trigger spray can be used & reused with Oceansaver plastic-free cleaning drops. It's time to shake things up!

The functional life of plastic bottles greatly exceeds the time it takes to use the liquid in "pre-mixed" cleanings sprays. This is why Oceansaver decided to launch their 100% recyclable, reusable Bottle for Life. Just buy one and use & reuse it with their amazing plastic-free cleaning drops!

Each 'pre-mixed' cleaning product that you find in supermarkets is over 90% water, with the active ingredient (the part that does the cleaning) making up a fraction of the liquid. Oceansaver cleaning drops provide just the active ingredients so you can reuse your own bottles, reducing the single-use plastic waste usually involved with cleaning. 

Other Oceansaver cleaning products and Bottles for Life with a starter sachet are available.

Oceansavers was born out of a love of the sea and concern over single-use plastic. They are committed to making home cleaning solutions with plant-based ingredients, totally biodegradeable, lab tested and proven efficacy. Clean home & Safe ocean.


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