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SIGG Recycled Aluminium Bottle MyPlanet Traveller Design 600ml

£10.80 £17.95

SIGG Recycled Aluminium Bottle MyPlanet Traveller Design 600ml

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£10.80 £17.95

Lightweight recycled aluminium refillable bottle

There is no planet B, but there is the SIGG Traveller MyPlanet bottle! 

The high-quality, recyclable aluminium bottle is extremely light, robust and can be conveniently carried with one finger. It is 100% leakproof, even with carbonated drinks and upside down, whenever you need both hands free. The material is free from harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for safer and easy drinking enjoyment. It's even resistant to fruit acids.

Aluminium has excellent recycling properties and can be recycled practically indefinitely without any loss of quality.

The iconic SIGG Traveller bottle is shaping the future with a revival thanks to recycling. 100% of the aluminium is recycled and the cap is based on renewable raw materials such as cellulose, contributing to the reduction of the use of fossil materials. 

Plus it's Climate Neutral! After just 5 uses this aluminium reusable bottle has a better CO2 balance than PET bottles. You save approximately 1500 plastic bottles by buying just this little beauty.


  • Extremely lightweight, portable, reusable and recyclable
  • Leakproof even with carbonated drinks
  • No visible welding seams - made from a single piece of high-quality, 100% recycled aluminium
  • Slim design fits into most cup holders
  • Safe, durable, high quality materials
  • BPA free
  • Made in Switzerland

Size: 21.5cm high, 7.1 cm wide

Weight: 108g

The best way to clean these bottles is to hand wash with a mild detergent. Do not wash aluminium bottles in the dishwasher, as the paint and inner coating of the bottle can be damaged. 

The Traveller MyPlanet is an elegant companion for anyone who enjoys moving through life in style – wherever it takes you.

There are also 600ml Plain600ml Kids and 1 Litre Plain MyPlanet bottles available.


Taking care of the environment is SIGG's goal. That is why they offer sustainable alternatives to disposable PET bottles. They haven't just been doing this since the latest UN climate report, but for over 100 years. In their company, tradition and innovation go hand in hand - their drinking bottles have cult status and are always setting new standards. Even in times of change, SIGG remain true to their values and focus on quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness.

SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG was founded in 1908 by Ferdinand Sigg.


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