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Four Ways To Take Action This Autumn

Four Ways To Take Action This Autumn

Autumn is one of the most exciting times of year to get outdoors and into nature. Here we explore five exciting ways to take action this autumn with a positive environmental impact.


Patagonia Action Works

This is a way to bring real value to environmental action groups. As well as signing petitions, or donating money, Patagonia Action Works allows you to offer skills that organisations might be looking for. This could be anything from graphic design, to legal help. Patagonia refers to it as a kind of dating site, matching the right people to projects where they can truly make a difference.


Beach, Forest & Park Cleans

Although COVID restrictions may put a spanner in the works for organisations like Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Shepherd, some local zero waste groups may still be organising socially distanced beach cleans - offering bags and litter pickers, and disposing of the collected refuse. 

Of course, the beach isn’t the only area that suffers from pollution, our parks, forests and woodlands are also blighted by discarded plastic packaging. Keep Britain Tidy is a great resource to find local litter picks, but if going along to a larger event isn’t your cup of tea (or legally possible) right now, then doing your own #2minutebeachclean, river clean or forest clean can still be achieved. Not only does it make those open spaces cleaner and safer for wildlife, but the very act gets us out into nature ourselves. An activity more than deserving of a hot chocolate on your return!


Join The Extinction Rebellion

While it might sound extreme on the outset, joining your local Extinction Rebellion meetings can lead to a lot of positive activism – not everyone’s glueing themselves to trains you know 😀 In fact many of their online and physical training sessions are on deescalation and non-violence. Whether you’re looking for new ways to raise awareness of the climate crisis, or simply interested in what’s going on in your area, the Extinction Rebellion is a vast network to tap into.


Wrap Up, And Head Out…

This is the time for scarves, wellies and restorative hot brews out in the open. If the cacophony of protests, organised beach cleans and grass roots activism sounds a bit too serious, involved and chaotic, then give it a miss. One of the best ways to see what’s going on in your local area isn’t via Instagram feeds and websites, but by actually getting out amongst it.

The best way to understand the threats, and the beauty of your local forests and waterways, is to go out stomping through them. Whether it’s a family bike ride, or a meandering stroll on a Sunday afternoon, peel away from the screens and remind yourself how special this planet really is. After all, that’s what we’re fighting for…