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Mother’s Day 2021 – top tips for celebrating all things mum, safely

Mother’s Day 2021 – top tips for celebrating all things mum, safely

March 14th marks our second Mother’s Day in lockdown in the UK. Whilst lockdown lethargy might be taking its toll on us all right now, we want to inject some positivity into this difficult time and have pulled together some great gift and safe activity ideas for you, ensuring Mum still gets the star treatment.

Digital meal deal

So many restaurants are now offering dine at home experiences and a lot of them deliver nationwide. Order your mum’s favourite meal, delivered to her door and, you can either eat together in person (if you’re in the same household), or arrange a video call so you can eat together virtually. 

Get out into nature

It’s more important than ever to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Having a brisk walk and getting away from the same four walls is not only great for your mental wellbeing, but it enables you to meet up with one other person whilst on the move. If you live near your Mum then this is a perfect opportunity to spend a bit of quality time together on Mother’s Day. Lots of independent cafes are still open, meaning you can grab a coffee on the go. Don’t forget your reusable cup as the majority of cafes will be more than happy to serve your hot drink in it, helping to reduce unnecessary waste created by disposable cups. You usually get a discount too!

Craft companions

One of the positives of several lockdowns is that it has given us time to hone a craft or seek out creative ways to entertain ourselves. ‘The Bridgerton effect’ saw millions of Netflix viewers searching for embroidery kits online in order to live vicariously through their favourite characters. If crafting is your Mum’s thing then why not order a couple of kits online and you can both while away the hours together, comparing work and marvelling at each other’s creations? You can swap whatever you make with each other so you have a unique keepsake to remember each other by. 

There are also thousands of online classes you can do together – from flower arranging to macrame and more, search for what’s on in your area and delve into something new. Whilst the Great British Bake Off may be over for this year, there’s no reason why you couldn’t recreate it virtually with Mum and your extended family. There’s nothing quite like a bit of sibling rivalry to provide some light entertainment! 


Pamper day

If relaxation is more your mum’s thing then send her a little pamper pack so she can pretend she’s at a spa for a few hours! Include natural bath bombs, rich in essential oils which will help your mum to totally relax, as well as provide nourishment to her skin and muscles; a refreshing, re-usable face mask; and a scented candle. Soy wax candles are completely natural, smell amazing and burn for longer than paraffin candles, meaning mum can enjoy it long after Mother’s Day has ended. 

Parkminster mother's day candle &Keep


Plastic free gifting 

It’s our mission to encourage people to consider more eco-friendly options when buying products. Even gifts can be mindfully selected when there are so many sustainable items on the market. Maybe your Mum is already an eco-warrior or maybe she wants to start making small changes to do her bit. Either way, a lovely gift idea is to pull together a hamper, or tote bag, of goodies to treat her whilst also helping the world we live in. Think organic chocolates, natural skincare, recycled stationery and hair accessories. 


Take a trip down memory lane

Many people have been unable to spend quality time with their loved ones over the last year. That doesn’t stop the amazing memories that have been shared together previously. A creative idea for a gift is to make a scrap book full of photos, stories of funny things that have happened, or in-jokes you share, along with a list of the things you look forward to doing together when you’re able. This could be anything from hugging your mum, through to taking afternoon tea together at your favourite café. With (potentially!) more time on our hands at the moment this is the perfect way to use that time and it will be a gift your mum will turn to again and again, especially when she needs a little boost and a reason to smile. 

And don’t forget to tell your Mum just how much she means to you by sending her a greetings card. When you can’t be together, words mean so much more, plus they make a lovely keepsake (some are printed on seed paper so you'll beginning her a bunch of flowers in the summer too!).

Wishing you all a safe and happy Mother’s Day!