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Blushberry Botanicals

Blushberry Botanicals create natural vegan cosmetics from lip butters and hand creams, to face scrubs and deodorant. Sensational skincare handmade in batched here in the UK. No plastic or chemicals in sight.


Our collection from Blushberry Botanicals embraces body butters and face masks, as well as cleansing balms and face polish. With metal tins for storage and a wealth of refills available, Blushberry have made it easy for you to not only ditch single use plastic with these cosmetics, but to also keep reusing the refillable tins they come in. The skin is the largest human organ and absorbs the cosmetics we use, which is why Blushberry use only all natural ingredients and organic wherever possible. All Blushberry Botanicals products have also been assessed and approved by a cosmetic chemist with current EU cosmetic safety regulations. So whether you’re looking to pamper yourself with a calming clay face mask, or keep naturally nourishing creams on hand, Blushberry Botanicals are a refreshing natural alternative to chemical filled cosmetics.