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Body Scrub

Exfoliating is one of the things many of us forget to do as part of our skin care routine. Nourish your skin, remove dead skin cells and get a healthy glow with our range of natural coffee and sugar scrubs. 


Feed your skin with these incredible-smelling all natural body exfoliators. The UK government banned microbeads found in a lot of regular exfoliators because they were polluting our oceans. Now sustainable brands have created natural, organic alternatives that are not only incredible at exfoliating skin, but they are entirely free from chemicals. You can't get more natural than the exfoliators found in our range. Choose natural, organic and vegan exfoliators with ingredients that really work, leaving us with healthier feeling, and looking, skin. Sugar crystals tackle dry, flaky skin without irritation, whilst coffee granules blended with organic shea butter plumps skin and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed. All of our sustainable, eco-friendly, natural body scrubs can be used in hard water and, when washed off, will naturally biodegrade. Whether the packaging is aluminium or cardboard, all of our natural body scrubs come in 100% recyclable packaging meaning your conscience will be as squeaky clean as your skin! Using organic, natural ingredients mean that our range of body scrubs are gentle, but still effective when it comes to removing dry, flaky skin. As they are 100% natural and chemical-free, they won't dry out your skin or cause irritation, meaning they can be used by people with sensitive skin too.