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Dassie Artisan

Dassie Artisan launched in 2012 after finding a lack of unique, handmade, feel-good homeware available on the market. Dassie take inspiration from the worlds of fashion, different cultures and their African roots. They are committed to offering customers handmade treasures that are lovingly created by talented artisans. Each item is representative of the hard work and skills developed over generations; woven with ounces of culture and years of heritage.

Why we love them: Dassie’s aim aligns with ours - to celebrate individuality and acknowledge the responsibility to inspire and educate customers in making conscious and honest buying decisions. They provide “Dassie Symbols” for each of their products to “guide informed and inspired conscious consumerism”. These enable the customers to learn and understand the humble beginnings of each unique product.  Read more below products...


Dassie’s mission is to work directly with artisans in developing countries to produce unique, design-led homeware. They seek to empower their artisans to use their traditional skills and techniques to reach a broader market and create better lives for themselves and their communities. Fair trade principles are at the core of everything they do. They are proud members of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops) and adhere to their Ten Principles of Fair Trade. These principles seek to create opportunities for disadvantaged producers by means of fair trade practices and accountability. This entails payment of a fair wage, no child or forced labour, gender equity, lack of discrimination, good working conditions and respect for the environment.