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Parkminster produces pure natural soy wax candles, that are better for you and the planet.


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Parkminster is a company with a very home-spun origin. They have been making candles and home fragrance products since the beginning of 2010 when Krystyna Patey quit her day job to follow her dreams of making her own fragrance products. After several years of melting, blending and pouring her heart out in her country cottage kitchen, the quality of her products gained such a positive reputation that her candles and home fragrance products are now well known all over the UK and in Europe.

Parkminster’s products are produced in a simple and traditional way, everything is blended in small batches, hand poured, labelled and boxed in West Sussex, UK. Their team are their friends and everyone is as important as anyone else, from the packers to the pourers, the accounts team and the managers.

Why we love them: Parkminster’s mission is to ‘light up your life” and they do. Their sumptuous packaging and delectable fragrances make you want to race home to be embraced by it. It’s wonderful to know you can indulge the senses with a free conscience regarding the planet. 


What is significant about a Parkminster Product is it's scent. It’s simple design but  careful choice of the best raw materials really emphasise what a quality home fragrance product should create...A Fragrant Atmosphere.