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Be A Part of the Plastic Pollution Solution: Step 2 - Food On-The-Go

Be A Part of the Plastic Pollution Solution: Step 2 - Food On-The-Go


“In the UK it is estimated that 5m tonnes of plastic are used every year, nearly half of which is packaging – a figure that is increasing with rising demand.”*


The summer is at its peak, so what better time to go out for a picnic or stroll in the warm weather. And this week our step-by-step guide to plastic freedom is all about food-on-the go! 

Black+blum is a brand with more than 20 years of experience in sustainability and design. It offers a wide range of elegant, as well as environmentally-friendly products for a plastic-free lifestyle. They inspire a sense of wellbeing and are perfect for outdoor activities. 


Food containers

We’ve all got to eat but buying lunches out every day can soon take its toll on your wallet as well as the environment. Unfortunately, the popularity of the packaged sandwich shows no sign of slowing down, with sales growing by £33m year on year according to Kantar Worldpanel.

Most Brits are reported to spend as more than £5 a day on lunch, which adds up to a whopping £1,200 a year. That could be an entire month’s salary spent just on lunch every year! The average price of a loaf of bread is £1.07, providing enough slices to last all week, so it’s clear that you can save a lot of money, and packaging, by making your own at home (Pinterest is full of delicious-looking recipes!).

Black+blum offers different sizes of reusable food containers such as lunch and sandwich boxes. The multifunctional lunch boxes are made of stainless steel and can be used for lunch on-the-go, cooking dishes in the oven and even storing meals in the freezer. Great value for money! All of them come up with a reusable fork to eat on-the-go. The sandwich boxes are (obviously) perfect for all kinds of beautiful meal creations. They come in two different sizes, the larger has a removable 2-compartment silicone insert perfect for your snacks! The anti-bacterial bamboo lid can be flipped and used as a cutting board for plate. All black+blum’s lunchboxes are free from plastic, BPA’s, phthalates, aluminium and lead.



If you do like to buy your food out and about, pop one of black+blum’s stylish stainless steel cutlery sets in your bag or pocket.



Single-use drinks bottles are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to plastic pollution. In the UK around 38.5m single-use plastic bottles are used every day. One of the best things you can make in being part of the ‘plastic pollution solution’ is to refill your own bottle. 

A reusable Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle is perfect to store your drink, especially if you prefer to keep it hot or cold for longer. With leakproof technology and vegan leather strap, you will be sure that no spillage will occur and your bottle will stay with you even in the most extreme situations. The best part? The whole bottle has no plastic content - not even in the lid! It also saves you A LOT of money avoiding buying bottled water and drinks whenever you go out. Did we mention it also helps the environment?! 



If you prefer to drink from a glass, rather than stainless steel bottles, black+blum have got some treats for you! Their Eau Good and Glass Bottles are made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, both leakproof and with a handy carry loop. The bottles are available in different colours and come with a Binchotan charcoal filter and a stainless steel coil to secure it. Find out more about the wonders of charcoal for water purity in our ‘The Wonders of Charcoal’ blog. If you are already a charcoal fan, did you know black+blum have crafted a very elegant Personal Carafe and Eau Carafe for use at home?


Look out for the next step to being a part of the Plastic Pollution Solution next week.