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Shower Blocks

Shower Blocks are bars of solid shower gel, designed to reduce plastic waste from the millions of discarded shower gel bottles going to landfill or ending up in our oceans.

An innovative and eco-friendly solid shower gel bar that is designed to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in your bathroom. Shower Blocks are a plastic free and zero waste alternative to disposable shower gel bottles. They have also created 2-in-1 solid shampoo & conditioner bars for 4 hair types.


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Fragrance Free






Bubbly, hydrating and totally plastic free alternatives to shower gel. Removing single use plastics from showers all over the UK. The average shower-gel fan uses 12-14 plastic bottles of gel a year These take hundreds of years to biodegrade, breaking down into microplastics which pollute the environment.

Kind to the planet and your skin, Shower Blocks are handmade using a blend of six nourishing plant-based oils that are all vegan friendly, plus free from SLS, SLES and parabens. 

As well as gorgeous scents, there is an unscented bar - perfect for those with even the most sensitive of skin types. All Shower Blocks are supplied in recyclable card boxes that are 100% plastic free and zero waste.

Inspired to find a plastic free shower gel option that would help minimise waste, Shower Blocks was founded in 2019 by Neil. He began researching and experimenting making cosmetics and developing oil blends. Shower Blocks are all handmade in the UK and 100% vegan friendly!