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This collection of ethical, conscious clothing comes from North London’s Thought Clothing, a brand that creates clean, contemporary clothing from soft natural fabrics. This is slow fashion, not fast fashion…


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The impact of fast fashion is huge and covers everything from exploiting workers in third world countries, to polluting waterways and encouraging short-life clothing to be discarded. Thought Clothing strive to change all that, taking an ethical approach in everything they do from sourcing natural fabrics like bamboo and hemp, to designing and manufacturing them in a way that causes the least harm to our planet possible.  

From socks and tights, to boxer shorts and briefs, this collection of Thought Clothing features a wide range of different styles. Whether you’re looking for a soft, comfortable bralette, or some playful socks as a gift, all these pieces meet Thought’s strict sustainable and ethical criteria. 

Thought’s fabrics and materials are made using naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp. These materials are never sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals, but are often softer and stronger too. As well as being sustainable, green and kind on the planet, Thought’s clothing features the very best of contemporary design.