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Plastic Free Picnics

Plastic Free Picnics

Who doesn’t love dining outdoors? The novelty of eating al fresco never wears off and summer brings plenty of opportunities to take your meals outside. However, eating outdoors isn’t always the most eco-friendly option with all the associated disposable plates and plastic cutlery.

Whether you’re planning a barbecue on the beach or a picnic in the park, you can cut down on unnecessary plastic by being prepared. A cutlery set made from bamboo is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room in your bag - prefect for when you're feeling peckish on the go. This is a great bit of equipment to take out and about with you to save using single-use plastic cutlery at picnics, food vans or festivals.

Bamboo cutlery jute roll &Keep

There are plenty of reusable crockery and cup options available, like plates made from bamboo and stainless steel tumblers.

Stainless steel lunchboxes and food containers are another great weapon in your arsenal against disposable plastics! While Tupperware and cheaper alternatives (IKEA?) are great reusables, they are still plastic that leaches toxins when in contact with anything warm (including sunlight!). We’ve entered a new era of stylish stainless steel lunchboxes that won’t retain and impart flavours so you can picnic like a boss. Available in many different shapes and sizes, your picnic basket will soon be looking like a sleek Scandinavian photo opportunity rather than the back of your mum’s Tupperware cupboard. If you don’t want to 'fork' out for new gear (sorry, couldn't resist 😂), try using old glass jars or mason jars to transport your food and snacks. There are loads of recipes online for mason jar salads or homemade portable plastic free pot noodles.


black+blum bamboo sandwich box &Keep


Klean Kanteen stainless steel vacuum insulated food pots are a great option for keeping your soup warm in winter or your ice-cream cold in summer. Yep you read that right. You can even take your own ice-cream out with you. No more tiny plastic spoons! With a lifetime warranty, these leak-proof, airtight and shatterproof containers are the functional, versatile backbone that your picnic kit is screaming out for. 

Klean Kanteen insulated food container &Keep


And last but by no means least, when it comes to picnics it’s definitely time for you to ditch the dreaded clingfilm. Abeego wraps are made from all natural materials and are reusable, antibacterial and compostable. The beeswax wraps protect food from air and moisture while still allowing it to breathe. So you can finally wave goodbye to sweaty sandwiches and wilted salads.


As Benjamin Franklin said "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Plastic free picnicking is all about being prepared. Make the most of eating al fresco and impromptu street food dining by thinking ahead and filling your bag with plastic-free tools.

Bon appetit!