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One Weekend: Giving 10% of sales to earth positive change

One Weekend: Giving 10% of sales to earth positive change

To mark the end of our second year helping you to live sustainably, we’re launching a new initiative to do even more for the planet.

Despite trying to single handedly save the world, we realise there are organisations out there that are making a difference in far-reaching ways. The thing is, we also recognise that these organisations need support to continue their boots on the ground activism.

These organisations need our help

These are the guys who are cleaning up our beaches, fighting deforestation, and developing new ways to tackle climate change. The &Keep tribe has been growing exponentially over the past year and we wanted to empower our community. As we continue to help you make those sustainable swaps, we wanted to connect with inspiring organisations that can make a wider impact than we can at &Keep HQ. 

So here’s One Weekend

For one weekend each quarter, we’ll be giving 10% of sales to organisations dedicated to bringing about earth positive change. If you’ve been putting off making that next sustainable swap; maybe you’ve been reluctant to turn to bamboo toothbrushes, or are unsure on ditching conventional shampoo - well these weekends are the time to commit. 

Not only will you be making more of an impact on a personal level, freeing yourself from unnecessary single-use waste, but you’ll be directly contributing to organisations that are acting on a worldwide scale. We’ll be partnering with a new organisation each One Weekend, and will probably turn to our loyal ‘keepers’ from time to time for suggestions.

Our first partner: The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy

Queens Commonwealth Canopy Prince Harry Duke of Sussex

We’re proud to begin our One Weekend initiative by partnering with The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. The QCC is a unique network of forest conservation initiatives, which involves all 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Awareness of this tremendous organisation is starting to grow, especially since Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is now President of the QCC. What we like most about the QCC, is that they utilise existing forestry resources throughout the Commonwealth. This not only saves time and aids real progress for new projects, but also creates a vast network for collaboration by sharing skills and knowledge on forest management throughout the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is home to a quarter of the world’s forests.

We are honoured to have a good relationship with fellow plastic pollution crusader, Julia Bradbury. We asked her to help us select our first One Weekend donee as there are so many incredible environmental organisations to choose from. We love the fact we can give a large part of the planet a hug by supporting this one charity.

Julia Bradbury &Keep One Weekend

The first One Weekend will run 1st-3rdMarch and every penny you spend with us will make a difference to forest conservation projects in the Commonwealth, with 10% of all sales going to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

Thank you for being part of our community. Together we’re supporting organisations that need your help.

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Thanks for helping us create a better Tomorrow, Today,

Natasha & John