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Stop for a second. And start.

Stop for a second. And start.

Most of us know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And we can use the same adage when it comes to sorting out the pickle we’ve got this planet into. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the task ahead, at the enormity of the problem, at the scale of the solutions we need to find. A lot of people tell us they don’t know where to start. Ironically, it’s the start that stops most of us.

So metaphorically we try to look at it one ‘brick’ at a time (which is probably what the Romans did). If you can make just one sustainable switch that suits you and your lifestyle, you’ve started. And that’s the hardest part done.

We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves. If you’re a homebody and love to have the place sparkling, you might try switching to plastic-free cleaning with these water-soluble sachets by Iron & Velvet. Just pop them in one of your empty trigger sprays, dilute with water and you’re good to go. Using pure essential oils to create gorgeous scents like Coconut & Lime, Apple & Mint and Sandalwood, you’ll have streak free surfaces which smell divine. The five sachets come in a recyclable cardboard box with stickers to mark each bottle and absolutely no nasties whatsoever.

Iron & Velvet plastic free cleaning products &Keep

For all you fashionistas, there’s no need to shelve your style in order to embrace sustainability. The emergence of slow fashion brands such as Thought, based here in the UK, are helping to spread the word on sartorial supply chains and ethical sourcing. Even high-end Vogue magazine cites 2019 as the year where the fashion industry ‘finally takes sustainability seriously’ with several major high street brands beginning to offer Conscious Collections.

No one’s expecting you to refresh your wardrobe overnight (although wouldn’t that be a lovely treat!) but why not start with some sustainable socks and see how you get on? With gorgeous patterns, naturally breathable and oh so soft fabric, you’ll be blessed with some super happy feet which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Fauna bamboo sock selection pack Thought &Keep

And if you’re starting to ponder on little extra pressies, swapping to plastic-free hair bands is a really easy switch to make. Anyone with daughters will know that hairbands vanish at a ridiculous rate, yet ironically they take 500 or more years to break down, leaching synthetic waste into our ecosystem at the same time. These organic beauties from Kooshoo are 100% biodegradable and entirely natural.

 KooShoo plastic-free hair ties &Keep

Remember, we’re not trying to build Rome in a day. We can’t save the planet overnight. But, the Romans did accomplish it eventually. So we can too. And there’s never been a better time to start laying your very first bricks by shopping small, but mighty and meaningful. 

Important work takes time and we’re not here to judge how quickly you build your Green house (see what we did there). But if we all think about buying mindfully, being changemakers and switching to sustainable options where we can, we can all start to enjoy a more beautiful view.