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Zero Waste Heroes: Lindsay Miles

Zero Waste Heroes: Lindsay Miles

Prepare to go down the metaphorical rabbit hole when reading Lindsay Miles’ blog treadingyownpath.com. Lindsay is an Australia based Brit who has become quite an authority on living plastic free and has given a great talk at TEDxPerth that you can see here.

What’s great about Lindsay’s blog, is that she is very quick to point out the pitfalls and unfortunate events that happen in her plastic free journey. For example, when her discounted second hand faux leather handbag (which is a great way to buy things) began shedding its faux leather and Lindsay realised this was a micro plastic. Though unfortunate, it led her to ask herself the question, “How am I going to dispose of this item?” before she makes any purchases now.

You’ll also find lots of ‘beginners guide’ posts, explaining useful ways to approach zero waste living, such as her post 'Plastic-free for absolute beginners', and more insightfully, '5 Mistakes beginners make when going zero waste and plastic-free'. It’s this practical nature of Treading Your Own Path that makes the blog such a valuable resource. Helpful, to-the-point features on things like how to feed your dog without plastic packaging, and also the plastics that she just can't live without.

As with many of today’s zero waste heroes, the lifestyle tends to lead people into taking a minimalist approach to life and with the focus on how much impact you’re making on the planet, plant based diets tend to be important too. Lindsay shares a wealth of information on this too, with ideas on how to use aquafabre (the liquid found in a can of chickpeas) to recipes for making raw chocolate nut butter cups.

Lindsay's eBook ‘Enough is Enough: 18 Ideas for Embracing a Life with Less Stuff and Less Waste’ is available to download for free.


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