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Women's Underwear & Leggings

Our collection of ethical bamboo and organic cotton underwear & leggings is comfortable, soft and sustainable. And good for the planet of course 💚🌎 Fast fashion be gone!


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world, absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than trees. This has led a lot of savvy producers looking for greener alternatives to everyday items to experiment with bamboo. Incredibly, bamboo fibre can be woven in a similar way to cotton and creates some of the softest, comfiest clothes around – all while boasting fantastic eco credentials. At andkeep.com we have put together a collection of some of our favourite bamboo underwear. With brands like Thought Clothing at the helm, you can choose from both men’s and women’s underwear, including boxers, briefs, knickers and vests. You can also find socks and gift boxes too, ideal for birthdays, Christmas and ‘just because.’ Fast Fashion is simply not sustainable, this collection will give you a reliable, comfy alternative and help you continue on your plastic free journey.