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Earth Conscious

Multi award winning natural deodorants that are free from plastic, chemicals and keep you smelling fresh.


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Fragrance Free






Earth Conscious are a remarkable brand producing natural deodorants that come in either sealable tins, or cardboard tubes. With scents like mint, lavender and tea tree, and grapefruit and lemon, these deodorants will ensure you stay smelling good all day long. This is natural deodorant that really works, delivering fresh aromas that tackle body odour and give you confidence to go about your day. Of course there is a fragrance-free deodorant too, for the most sensitive of skins. A lot of people are looking for natural alternatives to conventional deodorants due to concerns over chemical ingredients and plastic packaging. Earth Conscious deodorants on the other hand contain no aluminium, parabens or carcinogens and allow your skin to breath and perspire naturally. Made from coconut oil, jojoba wax and sunflower wax, Earth Conscious deodorants are completely vegan friendly and cruelty free. These products also come in entirely recyclable materials, meaning you can cut out another area of plastic waste from your home in one simple step. 10p of each sale also goes to the Marine Conservation Society making this an incredibly sustainable alternative to traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.