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Lunchboxes & Food Containers

Arming your family with strong reusable lunchboxes, food storage bags, food canisters and flasks is an ideal way to cut down on takeaway lunches, save a little money and win the War On Plastic. From Keep Leaf to black+blum and A Slice of Green, discover beautiful reusable lunchboxes and bags, perfect for school, work or food storage at home.


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The humble lunch box is something we rely on from an early age, protecting sandwiches and keeping our snacks fresh. While reusable plastic lunchboxes will last a while, eventually they weaken and break. There are also concerns with some plastics leaching chemicals into the food inside, especially when the contents is hot or reheated. For a longer lasting, tough and reliable option, many people are choosing metal or bamboo lunchboxes and food containers, some are leakproof too – perfect for dressed salads and last nights leftovers. Our collection includes insulated food canisters, flasks and lunch boxes. We’ve curated an extensive range of food containers from trusted brands like black+blum, Keep Leaf and A Slice of Green as well as Hip for Purpose and Klean Kanteen.

You can also find reusable food wraps that are vegan friendly, plus beeswax wraps in our other collections. They can be used to keep food fresh instead of cling film.