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Tru Earth

Tru Earth Laundry detergent Eco-Strips are incredibly convenient zero waste laundry strips.  They are a lightweight pre measured strip of detergent that you simply pop into your washing machine, along with your wash. Tru Earth laundry strips are soluble in water. 


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Tru Earth laundry strips are an eco strip laundry detergent that can be used in any washing machine  and can even used when hand washing clothes. They are equally effective when used with hot or cold water. Each Tru Earth Eco-Strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just put in the wash. You need to try it to believe it! 

Tru Earth pride themselves on safety and health. Tru Earth Eco-Strips are hypoallergenic and paraben and phosphate-free. These laundry strip ingredients are totally planet-based making them vegan and cruelty-free. Free of added dyes, chlorine bleach and dioxane, these eco laundry strips are fully biodegradable so are safe to use on sensitive skin and are safe for our planet. Tru Earth eco-strips are incredibly convenient and one strip equates to one wash so no need to measure anything out. Just pop it into your machine and you're good to go!

Get eco-friendly, vegan laundry detergent in a dry strip.