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Toothpaste, Mouthwash & Floss

Keeps pearly whites gleaming and gums healthy, the eco-friendly way with our collection of natural dental hygiene products. Made for every member of the family, choose eco-friendly products for your plastic-free bathroom.


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Eco-friendly dental floss is a key part of any good dental hygiene routine, especially when it is made with natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients. From bamboo interdental brushes that are naturally hygienic to refillable corn starch dental floss, all of our dental hygiene products are natural and totally plastic-free. Use eco dental floss to floss your teeth at least once a day to remove bits of food debris and keep on top of the plaque. Eco dental floss should be used regularly, using a good technique. Our range of natural toothpaste and natural mouthwash tablets are a plastic-free alternative to regular toothpaste and mouthwash. Simply crunch the tablet up in your mouth, add a drop of water and brush your teeth as you normally would. Less water waste and containing organic, food-grade certified ingredients. Available in a range of flavours - from English peppermint, spearmint and peppermint, our natural, organic toothpaste and eco-friendly mouthwash selection is suitable for the whole family. Our DENTtabs range features products made for young children. Available in fun flavours, they will make teeth brushing less of a chore and much more pleasurable for your little ones. Organic tooth soap is a 100% natural and plastic-free way to enable teeth to absorb nutrients without coating them, promoting natural tooth nourishment. Our wide range of oral hygiene products are either zero waste, recyclable or biodegradable (some are all 3!) Our eco-friendly vegan toothpaste and dental floss is also chemical-free which means that it is not the only kind to your teeth, gums and mouth, it is kind to the planet too.