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Plant Your Tree, Create A Better Future

We have sent our 9200 Treebombs in the last few weeks and have no more left so we will no longer be sending them with orders. Thank you for being a part of our planet protecting mission. We will leave this page here for information until the end of the year.



So we're gifting you some to save the world 🌍

Treebombs &Keep

Don't wait for politicians, we want to place the solution in your hands, so you can act now.

Inside your order you will find a Treebombs - a handmade seedball containing 10 native UK Alder Tree seeds. Alder's create a biodiverse habitat and grow quickly into strong carbon capturing trees. 

The climate crisis is real, urgent and adversely affecting millions of lives around the world, right now.

Restoration of the Earth's forests is the world's most effective solution to climate change available today and has the potential to capture two thirds of man-made carbon emissions. The average UK lifestyle needs 101 trees to offset it’s carbon output.


Why are trees the answer?

Deforestation is the second major cause of climate change, after fossil fuel usage. According to the WWF, we are losing 18.7 million acres of forest a year. The vicious cycle of deforestation means that there are fewer trees to ‘clean’ the poor air quality caused by the emission of harmful greenhouse gas (24% of which are a result of deforestation itself).

Recent studies from ETH Zurich have shown that the restoration of the planet’s forests and woodland is the most practical and effective solution to tackling climate change. Tree planting on a worldwide scale could remove two-thirds of toxic emissions from the Earth's atmosphere, therefore dramatically offsetting our carbon footprint whilst helping to the recover the loss of biodiversity.

Similar studies have shown that we have the potential to increase the world’s forests by a third, without affecting agriculture or urban space. In fact, we have 3.5 million square miles of available space, which is roughly the size of the U.S.

Planting trees with seedballs is neither high-tech nor expensive. It doesn’t require political involvement or advanced scientific developments. It’s available, it’s simple, it’s cheap and we can ALL get involved.


Why Alder Trees?

Indigenous to the UK, Alders are pioneer species - they take over virgin ground and add nutrients that are then utilised by a diverse range of species. They then die off in around 60 years, once a canopy has been created.

They also grow well and fast from seed and using seedballs for them makes sense as the clay retains the moisture they need to get started.


What are Treebombs?

Treebombs are handmade Alder tree seedballs. They are made from protective clay, nutritious soil, charcoal and Alder tree seeds. Designed and calculated to protect the seed during germination, Treebombs make mass tree planting possible for the many of us that realise the climate crises is urgent and the solutions are in our hands.

Using seedballs to grow trees improves germination rates and empowers large scale planting by making the tree planting process more cost effective and less labour intensive.

Treebombs are made using the Fukuoka method which is universally accepted as the most effective and ethical process. 


How do Treebombs work?

Seedballs are resilient and versatile. Think mini ecosystems, protected within a shell of protective clay, nutritious soil and charcoal. These mini ‘ecosystems’ provide the seeds with the optimum conditions for germination and growth, as well as protection from weather extremes and predators.

The clay protects the seed whilst they germinate without the need to plant them; the soil and charcoal providing the environment and nutrients the seeds need to flourish.


Where to plant your Treebombs

Alder trees do well in damper areas, they are a pioneer species and colonise virgin ground, adding nitrogen to the soil extremely well, which in turn provides an environment for other species to thrive.

Autumn and Winter are a good time to scatter.

Choose unused, waste ground to throw your Treebombs ideally and become part of the solution.


🌳 We'd love to see your pictures of you planting your trees. Please tag us on our social media accounts below 👇🏻 and use #PlantYourTree #AndKeepPlanting 🌳