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Georganics Natural Chewing Gum - English Peppermint


Georganics Natural Chewing Gum - English Peppermint

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Plastic Free and all natural chewing gum

Did you know the chewing gum you buy in the shops is made of plastic? Yep, you are just chewing on flavoured plastic! Never fear - an eco-friendly, you-friendly gum is here.

Made from Chicle & Arabic Gum from the Sapodilla & Acacia Trees, these natural chewing gums are flavoured with Peppermint & Xylitol for a cool, refreshing mouth sensation.

Georganics gums add freshness to your breath, while removing food particles and bacteria associated with bad breath and tooth decay. The act of chewing gum produces saliva to wash out the mouth and wash away bacteria, protecting teeth from bacterial acid causing decay.

The gum comes in a glass jar in either 30 or 160 refill pack size.

  • Gum made from Sapodilla Chicle & Acacia Gum, not plastic!
  • Xylitol reduces plaque & cavities
  • Flavoured with English Peppermint for fresh breath
  • Comes as a refillable 30 or 160 gum glass jar

Ingredients: Xylitol*^, Gum Base^, Calcium Carbonate*^, Flavouring*^, Gum Arabic^, Lecithin*^ (*Food-grade, ^Natural)

Chewing gum is a great way to enhance your oral care routine. See Georganics full range of eco-friendly oral care.


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