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How To Have A Greener Christmas - Part 1

How To Have A Greener Christmas - Part 1

Christmas is a time of abundance and celebration, but if you’re not careful, the season can certainly get the better of you, and our planet. Before we run head first into all things Christmas, it’s important to work out what’s wasteful and unnecessary beforehand, so we don't get caught out in uncomfortable dilemmas at the last minute. The statistics on wastage each Christmas for the UK alone, are quite remarkable.


Trees – Real vs. Fake?

A common conundrum we all face at this time of year is the decision to go real tree, or fake. Obviously, fake trees are made from plastics and in general aren’t an environmentally sound option. That said, if you already own a fake tree, or have been offered one, keeping it in circulation is probably a much better idea than buying a fresh tree at your local garden centre or pub car park. If you are buying a real tree, don't rest on your laurels just yet. Many trees are fast grown with little thought into the future of the plantations, and there are controversial pesticides often used in their growth. Perhaps one of the best options is to either rent or buy a potted Christmas tree that can be brought in for the festivities, and returned outside for the rest of the year.

Or make your own out of recycled materials, like this one made of tulle!

recycled Christmas tree


Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card to your relatives who live far away can be a lovely gesture to show you’re thinking of them, but the sheer volume of cards and envelopes exchanged are not always necessary, particularly for people you see everyday at work. A popular trend the past few years is to donate the money you would have spent on cards to a charity, and forgo the footprint of paper production, printing and delivery.

Of course, if you would like to give a card, for whatever reason, look for charitably cards made with recycled materials or support local craftsfolk.


Homemade Decorations

As well as looking classically chic, homemade decorations often involve a lot of recycling and have a reduced impact on the environment. From garlands of threaded popcorn, to paper chains and decorated pinecones, the results can be charming and fun to make at the same time. Sliced dried oranges tied with cinnamon sticks are a great traditional decoration idea, or consider bundling twigs with twine, or gathering fresh sprigs of holly and mistletoe into your home. As well as adding colour, it’ll breathe a comforting fresh scent around your house too.

We're definitely trying this recycled ensemble this year!

recycled homemade Christmas decorations

Advent Calendars

Homemade or reusable advent calendars not only cut down on plastic, but also allow you to think outside the box on your children’s daily treats. For grown ups, miniatures and bottles of craft beer have replaced the traditional square of chocolate, while for kids you could fill each day with small wooden toys, hair clips and treats that you make yourself. How about a slip of paper each day with a fun activity or festive challenge written on, like bake Christmas cookies or decorate the tree?


Stay tuned for our second instalment on how to enjoy a greener Christmas.

Of course, we have a stunning selection of eco-friendly decorations if you do not have time to make any 😀 Made from recycled plastic bags and bottles (eco-felt), recycled paper and recycled material (check out the stockings!) 💚🌍🎄