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Awake Organics

Awake Organics is a natural, indie-beauty brand with sustainability at heart. They make plant based skin care and natural deodorant bursting with vitamin-rich fruit oils, and delicious superfoods that get results.


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Fragrance Free







They have done this by making products that are 100% natural, with no nasty additives. They use food grade, organic and sustainably sourced raw plant materials and locally produced, plastic free packaging. With better ingredients and packaging, better results are achieved for both you and the planet. You don't have to compromise. Their products are made to pamper and soothe the skin. From vegan shampoo powder that you add your own water to, to bicarbonate free, vegan deodorant, Awake Organics are revolutionaries in the cruelty and plastic-free beauty sector. They only use ingredients that come from nature and all of their products are free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, microplastics, alcohol, artificial fragrances and colours, water, aluminium and all synthetic additives currently known to be harmful to human health. Their products are scented using extremely high quality, organic essential oils and fresh herbal macerations. As well as all that, they source their ingredients, labels, and paper packaging from trusted suppliers based in the UK and Italy. Every one of their ingredients must fit in at least one of these five criteria: Soil Association Certified Organic, Fair-trade, Wild-crafted, Food Grade, or Local Organic (small producer without certification but grows using organic farming methods). Their entire range of products is plant-based, making them suitable for Paleos and vegetarians, however some products contain beeswax and are unsuitable for vegans. Please look for "Vegan" on the label if this applies to you. All products do not pose threat to marine health or pollute waterways when they rinse off your body. Great smelling, practical products with the body and the planet in-mind.