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The Ultimate Guide to Plastic-Free Beauty

The Ultimate Guide to Plastic-Free Beauty

Plastic-Free Beauty Day was launched in 2019 by Yolanda Cooper of WE ARE PARADOXX. It is an annual day dedicated to challenging the use of plastic packaging in the beauty products we buy. Unfortunately, it is still the norm for beauty products to be packaged in plastic. The beauty industry is responsible for producing more than 120 billion units of packaging globally. 79% of that packaging ends up in landfill, dumps or makes its way into our oceans. 😱

Whilst many big beauty brands are trying to make changes to their manufacturing processes in order to reduce the amount of plastic in their products and packaging, it’s still not enough. There is a clear over-dependence on plastic by these brands. With most plastic taking up to 500 years to break down and decompose, we all need to do our bit to ease the plastic pollution problem that our world is facing.

At &Keep, we know that there are plastic-free alternatives to pretty much every consumer product on the market. Therefore, as an ode to Plastic-Free Beauty Day, we thought it would be helpful to focus on simple, sustainable swaps that you can make to your beauty regime, as we shine a light on the plastic-free beauty brands that you need in your life right now!

Get one step closer to being totally plastic-free and give our planet a much-needed break with this Ultimate Guide to Plastic-Free Beauty.


Face & Skincare

Whether you like lotions, cleansing balms or face masks, we all have our own routine when it comes to how we look after our faces. Many face creams, especially anti-aging ones, contain microplastics that make their way into our oceans, damaging sea life and natural habitats. That’s before you even take into account the predominantly plastic packaging that the product comes in. But fear not, there are some incredible brands that are making it easier than ever to keep your skin fresh and healthy, without using any plastic whatsoever. We know, sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! Most are vegan and organic too.

From anti-aging wonder balms made with organic, natural ingredients to sensitive moisturiser face balms in eco-friendly packaging, there is a plastic-free face and skincare product to suit your skin type whilst also being environmentally sustainable and responsible.

Don’t forget to keep your lips happy too with vegan, cruelty-free, natural lip balm that comes in 100% biodegradable packaging! What’s more, all plastic-free face and skincare products are cruelty-free, with a promise never to test anything on animals. Clean face, clean conscience. You’re now one step closer to an entirely plastic-free beauty regime. But, there’s more...


Bath & Body Care

Baths are a great way to relax, unwind and let your whole body get a nice, warm hug. We don’t recommend having them too often because we love to prevent water waste. However, if you fancy a long luxurious soak then it simply has to be plastic-free. Handmade bath bombs are completely natural, do not contain any plastic and are free from any harsh chemicals, meaning they are great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Some of them even contain eco-glitter to give bath time a bit of sparkle.

Eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow with a vegan, cruelty-free body brush, or natural, exfoliating sugar scrubs, that will leave your skin looking renewed, radiant and soft. Don’t forget to continue your regime once out of the bath. Using lightweight, dry oils and luxurious natural body lotions is a great way to lock-in moisture, ensuring your skin gets all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Plus, they smell great too thanks to natural, essential oils. All packaging is completely recyclable so zero waste. You’re on a roll now!

natural bath bombs &Keep


Make-up, Wipes and Makeup Brushes

We are constantly inundated with makeup adverts from big beauty brands so it’s understandable that they are most people’s go-to when buying make-up. However, there are natural, organic alternatives to make-up that could give well known beauty brands a run for their money. Rich in organic, natural ingredients, cruelty-free make-up is suitable for all skin types and comes in a variety of skin tones. They are all suitable for vegans and many of them are refillable. That’s right – you can get amazing make-up, in beautiful bamboo packaging, that you can keep forever, simply buying the eco-friendly refills when you run out.

Successful make-up application requires good tools and there are some great bamboo or natural rubber make-up sponges and brushes on the eco market. Whether you want to apply foundation, like to contour or fancy a rosy glow from a dab of blusher, there is a sustainable make-up accessory just for you. Vegan brushes have synthetic bristles, rather than animal hair, making them cruelty-free and longer lasting.

When the time comes to remove your make-up, opt for reusable face wipes, organic cotton cloths and plastic-free makeup remover. All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or refillable. All reusable makeup wipes can be machine washed and some of them come with their own cotton bag so they can be kept together during the washing cycle.

Plastic-Free beauty &Keep


Cotton Buds

A simple swap, but a great step towards a plastic-free beauty regime. Bamboo and cotton buds are entirely made of organic, natural and sustainable materials which means they are biodegradable too - so no more plastic cotton bud sticks littering our beaches. Hurrah! Great for removing makeup, bamboo and cotton buds are naturally antibacterial and antifungal, meaning they are safe to use near eyes or on broken skin.


Men’s Grooming

The sustainability sector is really inclusive. There are some incredible, plastic-free beauty products available for men. From handmade shaving soap, beard care products and natural deodorants, to all-in-one moisturisers for body, hands and face, there are lots of beauty products made for men that contain essential oils and smell great too. Created to be kind to skin and hair, whilst containing biodegradable ingredients that won’t clog your drain or harm the planet, they have been formulated for those who want to make the switch to plastic-free grooming products, without compromising on quality.

Billions of plastic razors, and their packaging, find their way into landfills (and often the oceans) every year. They take hundreds of years to decompose. Return to classic shaving with stylish safety razors that are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. The elegant, unisex designs provide a close shave for both men and women. Pick a fantastic vegan shaving brush with vegan bristles designed especially for wet shaving, and a beautiful coconut shaving soap bowl, to complete a sustainable shave. 

Male Grooming &Keep 



It’s a misconception that sunscreen needs to only be applied when you’re in direct sun. It should form part of a natural, plastic-free beauty regime because UV rays can still damage your skin, even through clouds. Plastic-free, marine-safe sunscreen not only comes in plastic-free packaging, but it is 100% natural and doesn’t contain even the tiniest of micro plastics. It also contains no chemical nasties that damage coral reefs and marine life. Available in creams, balms or oils, sunscreen is a great way to protect skin, keeping it younger and healthier for longer.

If you prefer a 100% natural, tinted moisturiser, then BB cream is a great alternative to sunscreen because its fine and soft texture offers light cover for a unified and natural complexion, but thanks to its mineral filters it will also protect your skin with a guaranteed SPF25.

Make sure to use cooling, hydrating after sun if your skin has been exposed to UV rays. Soothing and designed to minimise peeling, your skin will thank you for choosing an after sun with cooling essential oils and protective antioxidants.


Hand, Nail and Foot Care

No beauty regime would be complete without considering our body’s extremities. Get hands feeling smooth, moisturised and clean with refillable hand wash containing no plastic, but simply made using natural ingredients that smell divine. Powder refills are becoming more popular in the sustainability sector because no water is transported reducing carbon footprints and transport emissions.

Keep your nails and the oceans clean with a wooden nail brush. Once your nails are clean, you can apply chemical-free nail varnish. Totally vegan and, you guessed it, totally plastic-free, they offer excellent hold, a high-gloss finish and fast drying. The screw tops are made from bamboo meaning less plastic waste, plus the nail polishes are enriched with bamboo rhizome macerate, rich in organic silica which helps to fortify the nail. Good for sensitive skin or for those who hate that headache-inducing nail varnish chemical smell.

When it’s time to remove your plastic-free nail varnish, use reusable nail polish remover pads that are made from organic bamboo felt. Durable and reusable, they remove polish effectively but with less waste than throwaway cotton wool. You can use them with your normal polish remover, rinse whilst still wet, and leave to dry before reusing. 

Our feet often get overlooked as part of a natural beauty regime and that seems strange when a lot of us spend all day on our feet! Soften hard, dry or cracked skin on your hard-working feet by using foot balm containing natural butters, carefully blended with skin nourishing oils to create a healing, soothing and protecting treatment for your feet.


Be the Change

So now it’s easy to see that a plastic-free beauty regime is absolutely possible. Not only are the products kind to your skin, they are kind to the planet. Reusables and refillable are kind on your pocket too.

Start by making one simple swap and go from there. Here at &Keep, we encourage people to start small and aim for progress not perfection. We’re here to help so if you have any questions then be sure to get in touch.

Creating a better Tomorrow starts Today 💚🌎


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