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Your 2020 Vision

Your 2020 Vision

20-20 Vision…literally meaning the ability to see with perfect clarity. And as we trundle into the New Year with all its fresh promises and untouched pastures, we hope to welcome even more green-minded folk on board our little red van, each looking down an eco-telescope to bring the future into focus.

There’s no doubt that the younger generations (with their perfect eyesight and lack of reading glasses!) can see the future of the planet crystal clear and the dangers that await if we stay blind to the problems. Earlier this year, our then five year old wrote to her school Caretaker to ask if they could please stop giving out milk in cartons with a straw. The school listened. And acted. And now they serve the milk in reusable cups for all children.

The purpose of this anecdote isn’t simply to applaud our own daughter, but to demonstrate how - as Greta Thunberg’s book title states - ‘No one is too small to make a difference’. The Greta effect has shaken and stirred the future generations who are quietly forming a green gathering of future heroes to take on the world (quite literally).

eco warrior superhero of the future 2020 vision blog &Keep


So perhaps we should all ask ourselves, young or old, perfect eyesight or not, what will be the extra bit we’ll do in the New Year? Is there something little (or big) you can change? Is there some way of involving your community or joining initiatives in your area? If we believe in something enough, we can gather traction and make it happen. Be this on a small scale like our youngest's efforts or an international stage like Greta, everyone has a part they can play.

A simple internet search of ‘climate change initiatives near me’ is a good starting point to discover what’s going on in your local area and connect with regional groups. Or you can take a look at websites like Friends of the Earth and the WWF for larger organisations’ work and ways to participate or donate.


As we’ve said before, starting with simple sustainable swaps is often the easiest and biggest change you can single-handedly make. So why not set yourself a target of six easy eco swaps this January?

Since it’s that time of year to detox after festive partying and too much turkey, we’ve picked our top three beauty product swaps to have you looking like a spring chicken again by March.  


Easy Eco Swaps 1: 

Ditch the plastic pumps of hand soap and go back to basics with one of our handmade soap bars in an assortment of delicious scents. Blended with zero nasties, you won’t find them drying on your skin or toxic for the environment.  

Friendly soap selection box &Keep

Easy Eco Swaps 2:

Loofah yourself from top to bottom for glowing skin and support the planet by buying natural at the same time. A 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic exfoliator pads, loofahs are handmade from natural plant layers. We’ve even got one in a heart shape so you can start the New Year remembering to be kind to yourself as well as the environment. No plastic microbeads filling the sea - yay!


Easy Eco Swaps 3:

Make your make-up planet friendly by switching to an organic mascara, based on mild avocado oil which is perfectly adapted to sensitive peepers. These mascaras are beautiful and brilliant, thickening lashes for volume and intensity. They’re also refillable so you can keep the bamboo case for life and simply re-use.

Volume mascara Zao &Keep

And through your gorgeous new eyes, you’ll be able to look the future head-on with 2020 vision this January.  


Be a changemaker. Be a future hero.
Happy New Year. Happy new you.