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Zero Waste Heroes: Beth Terry

Zero Waste Heroes: Beth Terry

Since 2007 Beth Terry has been documenting her plastic free progress on her blog myplasticfreelife.com. Covering everything from pet care to oral hygiene, Beth is a reckonable force in the plastic free movement whose posts span product reviews and advice, as well as campaign activism and investigations into how certain items are made.

Her website is a great resource that not only contains all of her blog entries since 2007, but also has a discussion board and an extensive list of 100 steps to get started on your plastic free journey.

What we find most inspiring about Beth is how she comes from a place of positivity and motivation with her plastic free teachings. For example, in her popular TEDx talk Beth opens showing you the small pile of plastic she has actually produced over the past several months (and it’s definitely too big to fit into a Kilner jar), which instantly reminds the audience that nobody is perfect, and this problem is far from easy to solve.



The fact that Beth covers both the ups and downs of her quest for living a plastic free life makes her blog instantly relatable, even though she is based in California’s Bay Area. In 2012, her book Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too was published, with a foreword from Hawaiian musician and philanthropist Jack Johnson no less. Since then her book has become one of the go-to resources for those interested in breaking up with plastic.