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Listen up! Top Environmental Podcasts

Listen up! Top Environmental Podcasts

Whether you’re commuting, going on a long weekend drive or enjoying some me-time, podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums for information and entertainment. We’re excited to share our favourite environmentally-angled podcasts. 


BBC Radio 4’s Costing The Earth

You can usually count on the BBC for good quality journalism and the Costing The Earth podcast is no exception. Some of the most interesting recent episodes include Microfibre Detectives, Coral Versus Coal, and Wildlife-Friendly Motorways. It’s worth digging deep into the archives too as you’ll uncover episodes that focus on things like the forests of the orangutan, ocean acidification and solving the housing crisis with greener homes. Listen on the BBC.


BBC Radio 4 Costing The Earth Podcast



A light-hearted comedic look at sustainability topics such as batteries, shipping, the Amazon reef and tourism. The presenters come at subjects as complete outsiders, which sets episodes up to be very accessible, but is bolstered by guest experts to help inform and guide the listener through what are often quite complex issues. Listen in.

Sustainababble podcast &Keep

The Kyle Thiermann Show

A Californian surfer and environmental campaigner, Kyle Thiermann hosts this popular podcast interviewing an eclectic range of guests. Large swathes of them happen to be environmentalists and you’ll discover some truly inspiring stories. Britain’s own Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage, was a recent guest following the Global Waves Conference in Santa Cruz. He highlights how sewer systems in the UK often overflow.

You can hear some really innovative awareness tactics in the episode with Kahi Pacarro from Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and how a permaculture farm based in Lahinch, Ireland serves its community in the episode with Fergal Smith. Listen here.


A Sustainable Mind

‘Looking into the minds behind today’s most impactful environmental campaigns, organisations and startups, inspiring the environmental change makers of tomorrow.’ This is a long but precise strap-line from the A Sustainable Mind podcast, which delves deep into the nuts and bolts of how greatness has and is being accomplished. Some of our favourite episodes include Building Cities One Recycled Shipping Container at a Time, Going Zero Waste and Getting Healthy, and Positive Impact Through Incremental Habits. Listen now.


A Sustainable Mind Podcast &Keep