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We all need water - that wonderful natural resource, every living being arises from a drop of water. The three founders of Hydrophil had a desire to produce goods that not only are fairtrade, sustainable and vegan but also water-neutral, causing the least amount of water pollution.


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A leader in sustainable bamboo toothbrushes with natural bristles. 10% of all Hydrophil profits are being donated to a non-profit organisation which campaigns to provide access to clean drinking water for people living in the southern hemisphere.

HYDROPHIL also make bamboo cotton buds, soap pouches, bamboo toothbrush cases, shea butter soaps, liquid wood toothbrush holders, soap cases and more.

Not forgetting children, there are extra-soft toothbrushes and children's toothbrush cups made from liquid wood. Transform your home with HYDROPHIL's plastic-free bathroom products!