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Charcoal Filters & Bottle Brushes

Purify drinking water the simple and natural way with charcoal filters. Great for removing impurities and making simple tap water taste great. Get your reusable bottles and flask sparkling clean with our range of natural, organic and vegan-friendly bottle brushes.



Charcoal water filters are a safe, natural way to add minerals, such as calcium to standard tap water whilst removing chemicals, such as chlorine. Pop it into any water bottle, jug or other drinks holder you have and it will last for 6 months. Our range includes a charcoal water filter with a locking coil so it can fit inside any reusable water bottle or flask without rattling around. When you have finished using your charcoal water filter, it can be broken up and put it in with your house plants to add nutrients to the soil that will help the plant to grow. They can also be used as a deodoriser to remove unwanted odours in your cat litter, laundry basket, nappy bin or shoes. Charcoal filters are safe for cats and dogs to be around. Finally, use charcoal filters as a moisture absorbent to help absorb humidity in the air. Charcoal water filters are, therefore, suitable for the whole house.

Keep reusable bottles and flasks clean with our range of organic, natural bottle brushes. Made from  natural, vegan-friendly products like coconut and cotton, these eco-friendly bottle brushes are tough on cleaning, without scratching or scraping your bottle or flask. They are even suitable for use on glass. Available in a range of sizes, our natural bottle brushes will last for months and can be recycled at the end of their life or will naturally biodegrade. Free from toxic chemicals, all of our bottle brushes are plastic-free, making them a completely natural and sustainable solution to all your dishwashing and cleaning needs.