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Plastic Free Living

Motivated to start living plastic free? This constantly evolving collection is filled with simple swaps and accessible alternatives to everyday single-use plastics.


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From reusable coffee cups made of bamboo or rice husk, to lunchboxes and food containers made from stainless steel, plastic free living has never ben easier. Here at andkeep.com we work tirelessly to bring you an esteemed collection of the most durable, reliable and beautiful reusables that make living without single-use plastic a breeze. Whether it’s providing you with alternatives to the disposable straw or empowering your kitchen with reusable food wrap, these are the essentials that allow you to live a plastic free life.

Plastic freedom also extends into the bathroom where items like the bamboo toothbrush, and traditional soap and shampoo bars, can free you from the clutches of extensive plastic packaging and the unnecessary reliance on petroleum based materials. Whether you’re just starting out on your plastic free journey, looking for water bottles, coffee cups and lunchboxes, or planning to take your efforts to the next level, this collection has been put together to make the transition easy, smooth and simple.