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Make-Up Brushes

Our collection of eco, vegan makeup brushes are made from vegan, cruelty free materials and sustainable bamboo.


Many regular makeup brushes use animal hair for their bristles. This makes them not great for the planet and unsuitable for vegans. Vegan makeup brushes have synthetic bristles making them cruelty-free. They are also super soft for a smooth and professional finish without irritating your skin! Shop eco brand Flawless and Zao for their range of vegan makeup brushes that will help you to perfect any look as part of your beauty regime. They are also supplied in eco-friendly, zero waste and plastic free packaging. From foundation applicator brushes to eyeshadow brushes and blending brushes, we have a range of professional standard vegan, bamboo brushes that will help you to apply your natural, vegan makeup without any fuss. We also stock  a vegan kabuki makeup brush - an eco makeup brush that enables you to apply a base for your foundation, but can also be used to smooth your natural foundation before applying organic blush. Bamboo is durable, antibacterial and totally sustainable making it the ideal choice for natural makeup brushes. Our natural rubber make-up sponge is ideal for applying a light complexion base or silky, natural foundation and is an essential in your beauty kit. Choose vegan makeup brushes - kind to your skin and our planet.