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Sunscreen & Self Tan

Protect your skin from the sun naturally with our range of organic marine-safe sunscreens that are suitable for the whole family, even those with sensitive skin. 

Not keen on the sun - Green People organic self tan will give you a natural glow!


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We believe that it is important to protect your skin as well as protecting the planet. That's why we only stock natural, organic sunscreen for faces, hands and bodies. Available in hard wearing, plastic-free tin pots or fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging, our range of sunscreens are made with natural ingredients. The effective UV filters in our natural, organic sunscreen do not irritate skin and are not harmful to the environment. Rich in plant-based ingredients, these natural organic sunscreen recipes are water repellent, but do not clog pores. They are also ideal for anyone suffering from eczema or other sensitive skin conditions. Moisturise skin with our natural, organic sunscreen creams, balms and oils. Some are completely scent-free, whilst others have natural, subtle scents of the organic ingredients contained in them. They are cruelty-free and none of them contain animal products, making them suitable for vegans. Brands include Green People, UpCircle and Shade. All are available in a range of SPF levels so you can get the protection you need from the sun's harmful rays. Have a plastic-free, skin-friendly summer with our eco-friendly sunscreens.