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Reusable Food Wraps

Ditch clingfilm and join us in creating plastic-free kitchens everywhere. Reusable food wrap sheets look good, feel good, smell good and foster a healthier relationship with food. Reusable food wraps are an ethical, organic and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. The breathable, handmade reusable food wraps fold up perfectly around sandwiches, plates and raw products, substituting disposable plastic wrap. They're easy to clean too!

100% compostable cling film is also available by Eco Green Living.

And don't forget the reusable bottle, tin and pot tops from MOOPOPS! Keep milk, juice, cream, yogurt and leftover tin contents fresh with these little beauties!


Our selection of unique and bright eco food wraps and covers come in all shapes and sizes from brands like Abeego and MOOPOPS. Reusable food Wraps, are not only environmentally friendly but will keep your food fresh. These toxin-free food wraps are reusable, washable and compostable as they are made from organic cotton. 

We also stock Keep Leaf - machine washable cotton 'baggies', food wraps and insulated lunch bags that look great and keep everything fresh and transportable. Your plastic-free kitchen has never been easier to achieve with these eco, reusable food wrapper options.