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Plastic Free July: Supporting The Wave Project

Plastic Free July: Supporting The Wave Project

For Plastic Free July 2019 we partnered with The Wave Project, an amazing charity that delivers surf therapy sessions for young people.


What is The Wave Project?

The Wave Project runs therapeutic surf sessions and courses for young people in the UK who are deemed to be socially isolated. This can be through mental health difficulties, rural isolation, family problems, disability or traumatic experiences such as bereavement. 

Through surfing, The Wave Project is an evidence-based method of improving mental health in children. The surfing projects are designed to help kids feel more positive about themselves, be more resilient to cope with problems and improve their self-confidence. The Surf Therapy can also help children improve social wellbeing and make friends more easily while improving fitness, risk taking and vitality. 

Projects across England, Wales and Scotland, are delivered by a fantastic team of volunteer surf mentors, and overseen by a qualified surf instructor. All staff, paid and voluntary, have undertaken training around the children's needs.


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Why the Wave Project?

'Creating a better Tomorrow, Today' underpins all that &Keep do. We care deeply about the future of this incredible planet and want to not only leave it a better place for future generations, but to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to continue protecting our fragile eco-systems.

The Wave Project naturally provides children an affinity with the ocean and once you connect with something, you will do everything in your power to protect it.

Additionally, encouraging positive mental and physical health is crucially important, more than ever in this challenging era. Getting young people out into nature and learning more about themselves, overcoming barriers and developing key life skills is something we truly value.

Running the Surf Therapy and Beach School projects is expensive and the project is underfunded. Our donations will be directly helping to keep the Beach Schools available to children who have attended a Surf Therapy project and want to keep that learning and love of the sea alive, furthering their personal growth. Each session needs equipment, a lifeguard and a trained instructor as a minimum.


How we’re helping The Wave Project

Throughout Plastic Free July, we’re giving £1 for every order placed with &Keep to The Wave Project. So while you shop for plastic-free alternatives and sustainable swaps, you can actively support this life-changing charity at the same time.

We’ve also created a Wave Project Plastic Free Beach Pack. It includes:

This collection of sustainable goodies is £30 and is the perfect way to kick start your Plastic Free July. 10% from every pack purchased will go to The Wave Project and help fund Beach Schools for young people.

If you would like to hear more about The Wave Project, or to find out where your nearest location is, check out The Wave Project website here. You’ll find out how you can help, how to refer a child, or book a private lesson.

You can also add your own contribution to ours by making a donation at the checkout.


Thank you for your support! 💚🌍🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️