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Zero Waste Heroes: Mamalina

Zero Waste Heroes: Mamalina

‘Motherhood, travel and lifestyle,’ reads the banner of Emma Ross’ blog Mamalina, but when you delve deep into her social feeds you quickly realise she has a stream of wonderful YouTube videos documenting things like her journey to stop using shampoo and go ‘no-poo’, to beautifully edited videos of her adventures with her young family to places like Costa Rica, Denver and Cambodia. Add to that an upbeat Instagram feed, and you soon become immersed in Emma’s world and start to think that all this zero waste stuff seems pretty achievable after all. 

What we’ve enjoyed most about Emma’s blog is how transparent she has been with her zero waste journey. Rather than stand on the line of ‘all or nothing’ when it comes to reducing your waste, Emma has continually given tips on manageable steps to take in the right direction. We all know going zero waste doesn't happen instantly overnight and rather than curating some idyllic, highly edited version of her journey, she is as quick to show you her slip-ups as she is her successes.

As well as sharing ways to reduce plastic and other waste as a family of four, Emma writes some truly insightful, thought provoking posts about her parenting. It could be about the calm way she deals with disciplining her little ones, or how she embraces being a zero routine family, the honesty in her posts is completely refreshing.

And it’s not all exotic family travel and steps to reducing waste (although we do love her lust for travel). Emma also shares a whole heap of recipes with a rapidly growing selection of vegan dishes.

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