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A Slice Of Green

A Slice of Green produce stunning stainless steel lunch boxes perfect for packed lunches at both the playground and the office. An incredibly durable and sustainable solution to transporting and storing food with no plastic to speak of.  Their produce bags are fantastic for ditching the single-use plastic at the supermarket.


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The pursuit for plastic freedom leads many to consider the virtues of metal lunch boxes and food containers. While plastic food containers like Tupperware have long been the go-to, these items only have a finite lifespan, eventually breaking. While these items can be recycled, it’s important to remember that plastic can only be recycled so many times before its integrity is lost and is no longer usable. Some plastic food containers can also leach chemicals into the food inside, which has been shown to be harmful to human health.

A Slice of Green’s stainless steel metal lunchboxes tackle all of those concerns. No chemical nasties and tough enough to last a lifetime. Whether they’re to protect your kids school lunch, or for storing leftovers in the fridge, their range of food containers is extensive.

A Slice of Green also make fantastic food bags, ideal for carrying fresh produce and separating them during your grocery shopping. These reusable produce bags are an essential for plastic free living and can be carried inside your reusable shopping bags every time you do a big shop. Flimsy plastic bags for produce and baked goods are a scourge on the planet. Select organic cotton so your produce breathes naturally and lasts longer because its not sweating in manmade chemicals! Meanwhile the metal food containers are ideal for transporting fresh meat from the butchers, and cuts from the deli counter.