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We love Bambaw’s beautifully designed answers to everyday single-use problems. From reusable kitchen roll, cutlery and straws, to their dental floss, safety razors and make-up pads.

Bambaw pride themselves on creating simple solutions to plastic pollution. It’s a brand dedicated to providing sustainable and ethically conscious products and as a company are on the road to carbon neutrality. Bamboo is known as the world’s most sustainable material absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than trees. That’s why Bambaw have turned to this wonder material for all their products. All the bamboo that Bambaw use is organically and ethically farmed in Indonesia and China. You can see this put to work in their reusable cutlery pack that fits easily into your coat pocket or handbag. Bamboo fibre is also woven into Bambaw’s reusable and washable kitchen roll. Whether you’re looking for some natural bamboo straws, or are keen to try out their cornstarch dental floss, you can rely on Bambaw to deliver reliable, sustainable alternatives to everyday disposable items like straws, wipes and razors.