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black+blum create sophisticated modern reusables that people love to use and are proud to own. From leakproof metal lunch boxes to insulated food flasks, reusable water bottles to stunning glass carafes with binchotan charcoal filters, this is plastic freedom at its finest.


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Dan Black and Martin Blum met while studying industrial design at Northumbria University. The duo began consulting before launching their own products with an emphasis on reusables. black+blum’s products fit perfectly with the &Keep philosophy. With rigorous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, black+blum design and create products from eco-friendly materials wherever possible. What we love about black+blum’s products the most is that they’re stunningly simple design inspires everyday use. The brand’s legendary 3-in-1 leakproof lunch boxes can go in the oven and the freezer allowing for easy reheating of last night leftovers. Their leakproof lids also mean dressed salads and wetter meals like curry and rice won't leak into your bag when taking your lunch to work or school.

The ancient Japanese art of water purification using binchotan charcoal is championed by black+blum doing away with plastic water filter cartridges.