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Finish off your hair care routine with our range of vegan, eco-friendly conditioners. Whatever your hair type, we have a natural, organic conditioner for you.



From natural conditioner liquids to solid conditioner bars, our natural conditioner for hair range is full of organic ingredients and essential oils picked to give you glossy, healthy-looking hair. Our natural deep conditioner is ideal for anyone wanting to smooth split ends and soothe their scalp. Whether you need a natural conditioner for dry hair, a natural conditioner for curly hair or you want a natural hair mask to use every couple of weeks, our natural conditioner brands are experts at offering you the perfect product for your plastic-free bathroom. We also stock liquid conditioner and conditioner bars for kids that are gentle to hair and skin and won't irritate little one's eyes. Available in plastic-free packaging or packaging that biodegrades naturally, we only stock the best natural conditioner. Boost natural keratin, a protein found in our hair, and give your hair back its lustre with organic, natural ingredients. There's no excuse for tired hair when you're on the go because we also sell travel size conditioners that are ideal to pop in your bag when you're away from home. Nourishing argan oil, coconut milk and essential oils like lavender and rose, are just some of the organic ingredients that go into our natural conditioners. They are all free from harsh chemicals meaning your hair will be fully protected without any irritation. Get super healthy, happy hair the natural way.