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Natural Deodorants


Whether you’re concerned about exposure to aluminium in antiperspirants, or looking for deodorant that’s kinder for the planet, you’ll find natural plastic-free alternatives to keep you fresh.



A lot of people are moving away from chemical based deodorants in search of more natural alternatives. Perhaps you’re looking to escape controversial ingredients like aluminium, or maybe you’re interested in eradicating plastic from your bathroom. Either way, we have a wealth of natural deodorants available from brands like Earth Conscious, Kutis Skincare, Ben & Anna, Salt of the Earth and Awake Organics. There are bicarb-free options too, if you have a sensitivity. Our natural deodorant collection includes a variety of different scents and fragrances as well as products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. You won’t find SLS, parabens, aluminium or carcinogens in these deodorants. Instead, you can explore a range derived from coconut oil, shea butter, natural wax and essential oils. This collection is for anyone inspired to ditch single-use plastics and chemical laden bathroom products.