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Food Canister

Keep food hot or cold on the go with our range of insulated food canisters. Not only are they practical, they are reusable, zero waste and plastic-free. 


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From school children to adults on the go, our range of food canister storage solutions are leak proof and built to last. These insulated food containers are made from stainless steel, making them easy to clean and durable. They are also BPA free, FDA food safe. Most are dishwasher safe, but please check the product information first to make sure. Insulated food canisters are ideal for soup, casseroles, fruit salad and even ice cream. They can also be used to collect your favourite take away and helps you to prevent any single-use plastic coming into your home.

The insulated stainless steel Black & Blum food flask comes with an ergonomic ladle spoon made from sustainably sourced wood fibre that attaches to the flask with an elastic strap. All our food canisters are vacuum-sealed to keep food hot OR cold for hours. Great for healthy eating on the go or as a hiking food canister to keep you sustained along your journey. The Klean Kanteen insulated food canister is available in 3 sizes (from a small 237ml to a large food canister that holds 946ml) so you can take your insulated lunch box to the office or provide food for friends and family at a picnic. Whatever you need this insulated food flask for, there is an option to suit. There is a swivel loop making it easy to carry and the lid creates an all-stainless interior so food never comes into contact with plastic. Perfect for those looking for eco-friendly food storage alternatives. For a stylish food canister set with a conscience, take a look at our incredible collection now.