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Hand & Body Wash

Want a multi-purpose toiletry to complement your plastic-free bathroom? Soothe and moisturise your skin with this range of organic, naturally scented hand and body wash.



Our natural, organic Hand & Body Wash is 100% free from palm oil, SLSs, parabens and synthetic detergents.  It is also cruelty-free and free from animal derived ingredients, making it suitable for vegans. Gently cleansing, beautifully scented and packaged in elegant, eco-friendly glass bottles.  Natural Coconut and Sugar Extracts gently cleanse and maintain the skin's natural pH balance. This beautiful organic hand and body wash leaves skin perfectly clean and comforted. Brands like Evolve Organic create skincare products using the finest natural and organic ingredients, hand blended and housed in sustainable and recycled packaging. Organic, natural ingredients are better for us and for the planet than the man made alternative’s found in most mass produced beauty products. Delicate, natural fragrances make these hand and body washes smell delicious and they are gentle on even the most sensitive of skins. The perfect addition to any plastic-free bathroom, our range of organic, natural hand and body washes look great, smell great and leave skin feeling perfectly clean and comforted. Isn't it time you treated your skin to incredible, natural and organic toiletries?