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Make-Up Pads, Make-Up Remover & Facial Wipes

Do away with sewer-clogging wet wipes. Washable, natural-fibre wipes, pads & flannels are a quick way to reduce the amount of ocean plastic when cleaning faces and hands.
We offer fabulous make-up remover in recyclable packaging.



Whether you’re removing make-up after a night out, or tackling a toddler’s sticky fingers after snack time, there’s a more sustainable alternative to wet wipes. Reusable make-up pads and facial wipes make short work of cleansing the skin and can be thrown into the washing machine to be used time and time again. Made from materials like organic cotton and bamboo fibre, our collection of reusable wipes come from brands including Bambaw and Tabitha Eve. You can also find reusable sanitary products in this collection as well as useful small bags to keep your wipes, make-up and sanitary pads in when travelling, waiting to wash them or indeed to wash them in.