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Hair Ties & Accessories

Whether you're at the gym or just fancy an up-do, our range of cotton hair ties and organic headbands are the perfect alternative to synthetic materials. They will naturally biodegrade over time and won't pollute the planet.


When trying to live a more plastic-free lifestyle, many everyday items tend to get overlooked. One of these everyday items is hair ties that are generally full of plastic and not long lasting when bought from high street chains and supermarkets. When you think about how many hair ties you might have used, broken or lost in your lifetime, that's a lot of plastic that has made its way to landfill. Made from certified organic cotton and 100% natural rubber, our plastic-free hair ties and headbands are a simple swap that will make a difference to our planet. Eco hair ties won't end up in waterways or on beaches, affecting marine and wild life, like plastic hair ties will. Plastic-free hair ties and organic headbands are long lasting, completely natural and will biodegrade over time, making them much better for the environment. Shop brands like Kooshoo, Tabitha Eve, Wild & Stone and upcycled, repurposed headbands. Our plastic-free, eco-friendly hair ties are available in a range of colours such as natural, brown, multicoloured, and black to suit all hair types. They are strong enough for thick hair yet soft enough to ensure you don't get a headache. Our range of plastic-free hair ties and headbands are 100% natural and guaranteed to not leave behind a trace.  Use your plastic-free, organic hair ties alongside a natural hair care routine.