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Reusable Water Bottles

One million plastic bottles are thrown away globally every single minute – and we need to take a stand. Choose your reusable water bottle or flask from our wide selection that includes durable, ethical and trusted brands like Klean Kanteen, S’well, and black+blum…



Our reusable water bottle and flask collection is one of the cornerstones of our range, providing solutions to a worldwide problem. From bottles for children to take to school, to smart, sophisticated water bottles that can be taken to the workplace, or slipped into a gym bag or handbag, we’ve curated a range that caters to everyone. At andkeep.com, we work to bring you reliable, trusted brands like Klean Kanteen, S’ip by S’well, Black and Blum, Bambaw and Neon Kactus. Each brand has their own sustainability stance and by supporting them through us, you help them continue their outreach. What’s more, carrying your own reusable bottle will save you from having to buy expensive bottled water when you’re on the go. So whether you’re looking for an insulated flask to take tea, coffee, or soups to work, or are interested in the benefits of binchotan charcoal filters, you can easily find it here at &Keep.