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Scrubbies are plastic free, handmade and fully compostable washing up pads. There is a huge selection of stunning designs, all made from organic cotton fabric, bamboo and hessian. Plastic free and vegan too!

Scrubbies are an eco-friendly alternative to regular washing up pads and will tackle all household cleaning jobs thoroughly and gently. They can be used on pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops and glass.


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Scrubbies is a small, UK business run by Kerry that makes fully biodegradable and eco-friendly all surface cleaning pads. They are available in plain or patterned designs which are created using eco-friendly dyes. Non-scratch and long-lasting, it is the ultimate cleaning pad for all your cookware, non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics, hobs, glass, taps and even cleaning your vegetables. Scrubbies are also excellent for cleaning animal bowls, sports equipment, shower screens, outdoor furniture and garden tools. Just about anything can be made incredibly clean with this eco-friendly cleaning cloth. Made from a combination of organic cotton, naturally anti-bacterial bamboo lining and a scrubby hessian base, they are tough on cleaning, without being damaging to the environment or the items you are cleaning. The natural scrub pad’s coarse texture comes from a special water-soluble, environmentally-friendly coating using tree resin. They last ten times longer than conventional, synthetic cleaning pads, sponges and scourers normally found in supermarkets (and can take up to 200 years to biodegrade!) Scrubbies have gone through rigorous environmental testing and achieve the world-leading Product Safety Mark, OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The cotton used is pesticide-free and has no allergenic dyes. When Scrubbies get dirty, simply hand wash them using organic soap to remove any residue or grease. Scrubbies are very long lasting, but when they finally reach the end of their life, you can bury it one foot down in the garden, and it will soon biodegrade naturally.